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The Artist
Acrylic landscapes, seascapes and more... by Katrin Jacob


Katrin Jacob is a largely self-taught artist who works primarily with acrylics and mixed media. Initially, her goal was to make painted beach scenes accessible also to severely visually impaired people by using texture medium. In her seascapes, based on her own photography, she is most interested in attempting to capture the essence of the scene, may it be sunshine, wind, or cold. She is inspired by the beauty of Nova Scotia's beaches and trails and the changeability of the sky on any given day. Trying to capture the "nature of things" extends to paintings of her cats and the exploration of a variety of geometric patterns resulting from one set of lines drawn on the back of the canvas. 


Katrin Jacob was born and raised in East Germany. Growing up, her Art teachers in kindergarten and school encouraged her and taught her the fundamentals of depicting realistic scenes of nature and people. She first became interested in textured painting after taking a class in Abstract Acrylics in Boca Raton, FL.  After moving to Nova Scotia in 2002, she became enchanted by the natural beauty of the Maritime provinces, their seascapes, and lighthouses. A language teacher by profession, Katrin spends much of her free time painting her favorite Maritime scenes and her cats

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